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Capacitive Proximity Sensors
Capacitive proximity sensor is a special solid state device for non-contact sensing solution of both metallic as well as non-metallic objects. With adjustable sensitivity almost any medium can be detected with desired reliability. It switches to a DC Load generally.
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Katlax Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.
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Product DescriptionTechnical Specifications

The functional elements of the sensor are the oscillator, floating electrode arrangement in the transistor base circuit followed by output circuit. When medium appears in active area (base electrode region), oscillations begin. When the capacitance reaches a specified threshold, the high frequency oscillator is activated. The switching stage rectifies and switches high frequency oscillations, resulting DC signal triggers output circuit. Switching stage includes signal feedback system, level of which can be adjusted by potentiometer, thus providing presentable response sensitivity of switch.

•  Simple & Convenient Mounting for high/low level sensing
•  A solid state output that does not bounce its contact signal.
•  High switching rate for object counting applications.


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