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Inductive Proximity Sensor
Inductive proximity sensor operates based on the electrical principle of inductance. The switch consists of an induction loop which changes according to the material then detected by sensing circuitry .The rugged and durable sensors are enclosed in stainless steel making.
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Katlax Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.
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Product DescriptionTechnical Specifications

 The sensor consists of an oscillator, comparator followed by output stage. The oscillator creates high frequency electromagnetic field which radiates from sensing face of the sensor. When damped with metallic object, eddy currents are induced in metal causing change in amplitude of oscillations. This signal is conditioned to change Schmitt trigger output and state of output amplifier. Analogue DC output voltage and current are available in addition to standard PNP/NPN switch outputs.




The switches are protected against back EMF, reverse polarity, indefinite output short circuit. The repeatability of actual switching point of two successive switching must not exceed 8 hours.

•  Dust proof
•  Low power consumption
•  LED Indication
•  Threaded & Smooth Tubular structure

We supply this sensor applicable in oil refineries, food processing & material handling industries.


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